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Financial Assistance

For needy Singaporean Students

The Ministry of Education provides financial assistance to needy Singaporean students in Government and Government-Aided schools.

To qualify, with effect from 1 April 2018, the student must meet the following income criteria:

Gross Monthly Household Income Per Capita Income
$2,750 or below $690 or below


Item Academic Level
School Fees Not applicable
Standard Miscellaneous Fees Full waiver of $6.50 per month
Textbooks Free textbooks
School attire Free school attire
Transport Subsidy 50% of school bus fares for students taking school bus; or

$120 transport credit per annum* for students taking public transport
Bursary Not applicable

*If the FAS application approval is not from January, the transport credit will be pro-rated accordingly from the month of its approval to December of the same year.

How to apply?

Parents / guardians who wish to apply for MOE FAS can obtain an application form from the General Office or download it from the link below. We will process the application and inform you of the outcome. Please contact our General Office for more information.

Please click here for the details on Financial Assistance Scheme.

Download MOE FAS Application Form

Income Family MicroInsurance Scheme (IFMIS) - A free insurance scheme to cover parent/guardian of MOE FAS recipients at primary level

This is a free insurance scheme only for MOE FAS pupils. In the event that the main applicant passes away for become permanently disabled, this scheme will pay out $5000 to help the family cope financially during this difficult period.

Please click on this to read more .

For claims, please select the appropriate form for completion:

NEU PC Plus programme

The NEU PC Plus Programme offers pupils from low income households* the opportunity to own a brand new computer at an affordable price. This is a programme spearheaded by Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). If you are interested to know more about the programme, please click on this link

Please click here to download the Application Form for PC-Bundle (for applicants with Gross Household Income of $3400 and below OR Per Capita Income of $900 and below.) - Ver 12.2

Please click here to download the Application Form for PC-Bundle (for students under MOE Financial Assistance Scheme.) ver 5.2

Please click here to download the Application Form for Internet Broadband (Mobile Broadband) MBB or ((Fibre Broadband).FBB (free subscription for 36 months)NEU PC Plus hotline number is Tel: 6684 8858

If you require any further clarifications, please kindly contact IDA at

* Total Gross Monthly Household Income or per capita income does not exceed $3,400 or $900 ($1,125 if there is a permanently disabled household member) respectively