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(SLS) Student Learning Space

SLS.png  SLS Website:

SLS is an online learning portal that allows all students to have equal access to quality curriculum-aligned resources. These resources are available to all students for major subjects from primary to pre-university level. In line with the development of 21st Century Competencies (21CC), the SLS encourages learners to be self-directed, and allows them to personalise their learning according to their needs and interests.

What is SLS? Please watch the video below for what explains SLS.

Please watch the video for what are the resources in SLS that supports Self-Directed Learning.

Student's Username & Password

Your login ID has been given to you, please refer below for the sample login. It is the first five letters of your name and last five characters of your ID.

Eg. ABCDE1234Z

Your password should be (minimum eight characters with letters and numbers).  You should have written down your password in your student handbook.  Please safeguard your login details and do not reveal them to anyone.

Getting Started with SLS

Annex B: Frequently Asked Questions (SLS User Guides)