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Student Management

The Student Management Department believes in nurturing a culture of care where teachers can teach and students learn in a safe, orderly and caring environment. Good behaviour and effective behavioural management strategies maximise the opportunities of every child to develop to their fullest potential. To enhance every E’Light’s educational journey, the department oversees the Student Leadership Programme, Discipline and Behavioural Management through a multitude of structured platforms.

Under Student Leadership, we believe that: Every Child Is A Leader and we aim to equip students with leadership skills and competencies by effectively implementing training and staging opportunities for students to reinforce this knowledge at the class, CCA or school platform.

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There are 3 tiers of Student Leaders in the school. Tier 1 will be the most basic level whereby E’Lights are able to lead themselves. This is in alignment with the general behaviour when they are in school. E’Lights are generally punctual for school and attend classes regularly, polite and respectful towards teachers and peers, honest and truthful in words and actions amongst others. These behavioural outcomes of students are expected of all E’Lights hence leading to a Conduct Grade of ‘Good’.

Tier 2 students will include the next group of Class Leaders, P2, P3 & P4 Prefects and CCA Leaders. These group of students are at the lowest rung of the Student Leaders whereby they are trained in self-management and relationship management competencies.

In Tier 3, these include the P5 CCA Leaders, Prefects, P6 CCA Leaders, Prefects and Prefects EXCO. These group of student leaders will have a greater scope of contribution to the school hence their leadership competencies include mentoring and empowerment.

The department looks into the various training programmes for all Student Leaders which includes The Prefects’ Investiture. Together with the Year Heads and Assistant Year Head, the department looks into the effectiveness of the training progammes, contributions to the various school programmes, their leadership competency evaluation and the recognition which the school provides for them.

Students learn well when there is order and discipline. At the same time, they need care, encouragement and space to learn from mistakes and improve. A judicious balance creates an environment conducive for their learning and development. A positive, proactive approach to discipline develops students’ readiness and motivation to learn, and enables them to feel safe both physically and psychologically.

Discipline is an educative process, and the goal is to instil self-discipline and good character in students. Disciplinary measures serve as a proxy for consequences of the poor choices made. It is not punishment, and will be meted out fairly, firmly, and appropriately.

The department also looks into the overall safety of all students in the school. Talks are conducted to remind students of safety in and outside school. Every Primary 4 student is engaged in The Road Safety Games at the Road Safety Park.

Clean and Green Monitors During The Environmental Outreach Sessions



Clean And Green Monitors Speaking to members of the public during the Northeast Clean and Green Festival


Clean and Green Monitors Creating Awareness in The Classroom


Clean and Green Monitors Creating Awareness on Water: A Precious Resource

Prefects and CCA Leaders Bonding Session



Prefects and CCA Leaders Bonding Session


Peer Support Leaders Training


P4 Traffic Games



Student Leadership Training



Prefects Investiture


School Rules and Regulations

  1. Compulsory
    1. National Anthem and Pledge
    2. Pupils who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.
    3. Pupils will take the National Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
    4. School Uniform

      All pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform/PE attire whenever they enter the school premises for all activities. No modification to the school uniform or PE attire is allowed.

  2. General Appearance
    1. Neat Attire and Hairdo 
        Girls Boys
      School Uniform • White school blouse and peacock-green knee-length culottes
      • Name tag
      • White school shirt and peacock-green shorts
      • Name tag
      PE Attire • Coloured T-shirt according to House system (4 House colours)
      • School PE shorts
      • PE T-shirt must be tucked in
      • Coloured T-shirt according to House system (4 House colours)
      • School PE shorts
      • PE T-shirt must be tucked in
      PE Attire • Fringe must not touch the eyebrows
      • Long hair to be neatly tied up/ plaited
      • Hair colour should remain natural
      • Only black thin hair band/ clips are allowed
      • Hair must be short and neat
      • Fringe must not touch the eyebrows
      • Hair at the side must not touch the ears and sideburns should not be lower than half the earmark
      • Hair at the back should not touch the collar
      • Hair colour should remain natural
      • Clean-shaven at all times
      Shoes and Socks • White shoes with laces or Velcro
      • Plain white socks/ school socks worn above the ankles
    2. Pupils should have short and clean fingernails (no varnish).
    3. Pupils should put on only simple and functional watches/spectacles. No fanciful watches or spectacles/rims are allowed.
    4. Pupils should not put on any kind of rings, bangles or fanciful earrings. Only small simple ear studs are permissible (Girls only).
    5. Pupils reporting for Dental Treatment after/ before curriculum/ during school holidays must be in school uniform/ PE attire.
    6. Pupils are allowed to remain in their PE attire on days they have P.E. lessons/ Mass Jog.
  3. Attendance and Punctuality
    1. Attendance is compulsory for all school activities.
    2. Punctuality is to be observed at all times.
    3. Absence from school must be supported by a valid medical certificate from a qualified doctor or a letter from parents/guardians.
    4. Pupils who are not feeling well and wish to go home must obtain approval from the class teacher. A parent/ guardian must be present to sign out and accompany their child/ ward home.
  4. Conduct and Behaviour – General
    1. Pupils must uphold the good name of our school at all times.
    2. All pupils are to be well-behaved, polite and courteous at all times.
    3. Pupils who must go to another room during a change of period must do so quietly and in an orderly manner.
    4. Pupils should keep to the left when they are walking up/down the staircase, corridors and along the walk-ways.
    5. As a class, pupils should walk in twos or in a single file as instructed by their respective teacher.
    6. Pupils must have the teachers’ permission before leaving the classroom during lessons. Pupils must have a “CORRIDOR PASS” when leaving the class. 
    7. No pupil should remain in the classroom during recess unless accompanied by a teacher.
    8. Assigned homework must be handed in on time.
    9. Pupils must treat school property with care. Pupils must not deface any wall or furniture; tamper with the fire alarm or the fire extinguishers; spit or litter. 
    10. Pupils should practice good toilet habits like flushing after use and keeping the toilets clean and dry.
    11. Pupils should play an active part in the preservation and conservation of the environment.
    12. Lost items should be reported to the teacher-in-charge immediately.
    13. Items found should be returned to the General Office immediately.
    14. Pupils must be truthful and have the courage to admit and learn from mistakes.
  5. Conduct and Behaviour – At the SpringHub
    1. All pupils must queue up for their food in an orderly manner.
    2. All food and drinks are to be consumed in the canteen.
    3. Pupils must return used crockery, cutlery, cups or bottles to the respective containers provided.
    4. Pupils must throw litter into the bins provided.
    5. Pupils are not to buy anything from the vendors once the end-of recess blinkers are switched on.
    6. Pupils must assemble promptly as soon as the end-of recess blinkers are switched on.
  6. Personal Belongings
    1. Pupils are responsible for their own belongings at all times.
    2. Pupils should label their personal belongings (like water bottle, pencil case, shoes, wallets, bags, food containers, etc) with their names and classes.
    3. Pupils are NOT to bring any items that would disrupt the learning process such as toys and games.
    4. All hand-phones are to be switched off during school hours.