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Science Department

Vision: A school with independent and passionate science learners
To develop a spirit of inquiry in the pursuit of scientific knowledge

Our Programmes


The Science department programmes are designed to develop our students’ curiosity and passion for Science. Through these programmes, we hope to provide our students with the opportunities to apply concepts and skills to their daily lives and in the process, instil in our students the spirit of scientific inquiry. Our Science programmes also serve to inculcate in our students a sense of responsibility in caring for our environment. Our programmes include:

  • Science Discovery Week

Through this week-long programme, P1-P6 students participate in a string of activities lined up for them to explore and learn Science concepts. These include hands-on activities to engage students during recess to learn through exploration and educational play. There is also special assembly programme organised to allow spark off curiosity and interest in science.




  • Science Teaching Around STELLAR (STarS) for Primary 1 and 2

Science teaching is infused into STELLAR lesson through STarS to enable younger students at P1 and P2 to experience science at an earlier age. For example, students read the story “A butterfly is born” and observe the life cycle of a real butterfly provided for each group. Students have an opportunity to observe how the caterpillars develop into butterflies. In caring for these caterpillars, students learn the importance of food to these living things. When these caterpillars emerge as butterflies, students have the joy to release them back to the nature to allow the life-cycle to continue.


  • Integrated Learning Journey for Primary 3 to Zoo

During the integrated learning journey, students will learn orienteering skills using Mother Tongue languages to find the station that they are to visit in the zoo. At the station, students learn about how animals survive in their habitat in as well as the characteristics of animals. The learning journey also allows students to experience outdoor education which helps them to understand and appreciate nature and the importance of conserving living things in our natural environment.


  • ESPS Every Child a Seed (in partnership with NParks)

Through this programme, the Primary 3 students are each given a plant starter kit from NParks. These kits allow each student to grow seedlings on their own to learn about the life cycle of plants and the parts of a plant. Students can transfer their seedlings and continue to nurture them in the school allocated garden plots to extend their learning and be responsible and caring individuals.

  • P6 Learning Journey to Science Centre

Primary 6 students are exposed to different hands-on activities during their trip to Science Centre. They have opportunities to observe the ecosystems around them. They also understand how to construct electrical circuits using the science concepts learnt. This programme exposes them to the fun and exciting world around them.

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  • E2k Programme (P4 & P5)

Selected students who demonstrate interest and ability in Science will be introduced to E2k  enrichment programme that include scientific investigations and given opportunities to develop critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills.