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Science Department

Vision: A school with independent and passionate science learners
To develop a spirit of inquiry in the pursuit of scientific knowledge


Do you know that the word Science comes from the Latin word "scientia" which means knowledge? Through learning Science, E’Lights gain knowledge to understand the world, pick up important skills, and hone their thinking processes to equip them to be critical thinkers.

In East Spring Primary, learning corners have been created to promote inquiry learning for students. Through structured and unstructured learning opportunities, students formulate questions and develop possible explanations as they explore these learning corners during lessons and their free time.

Exploring garden with the use of technology Observing rotting log

An enlarged Eco-tank to allow students to observe the interactions among living things
Appreciating value of caring for the environment through recycling, a project completed by P6 students

Below are some science programmes conducted in the school:

  • Science Teaching Around STELLAR (STarS) for Primary 1 and 2

    Science teaching is infused into STELLAR lesson through STarS to enable younger students at P1 and P2 to experience science at an earlier age. For example, students read the story “A butterfly is born” and observe the life cycle of a real butterfly provided for each group. Students have an opportunity to observe how the caterpillars develop into butterflies. In caring for these caterpillars, students learn the importance of food to these living things. When these caterpillars emerge as butterflies, students have the joy to release them back to the nature to allow the life-cycle to continue.

    17_sc_05.jpg 17_sc_06.jpg 17_sc_07.jpg 

  • River Safari Learning Journey for Primary 3
  • Students learn about how animals survive in their river habitat in as well as the characteristics of animals through a lesson package crafted specially for the primary 3 students. The learning journey also allows students to experience outdoor education which helps them to understand and appreciate nature and the importance of conserving our natural environment.


  • Science Discovery Week

    Through this week-long programme, students participate in a string of activities lined up for them to explore and learn Science concepts. These include hands-on activities to engage students during recess to learn through exploration and educational play. There is also special assembly programme organised to allow spark off curiosity and interest in science.

    17_sc_09.jpg  17_sc_10.jpg
    Engaging Magic show using science concepts by Science Centre

    Collaboration with Dunman Secondary students on Science Enrichment Activities

    Fringe Activities for P1-P3 students during recess

    Parent volunteers helping out at the Science Discovery Week

  • ESPS Every child a seed (in partnership with NParks)

    Through this programme, the Primary 3 students are each given a plant starter kit from NParks. These kits allow each student to grow seedlings on their own to learn about the life cycle of plants and the parts of a plant. Students can transfer their seedlings and continue to nurture them in the school allocated garden plots to extend their learning and be responsible and caring individuals.

  • P5 Science Talent Development

    Selected P5 students who demonstrate interest and ability in Science will be introduced to enrichment activities that include scientific investigations and given opportunities to develop critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills.