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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department

Head of Department (covering): Mdm Norizan Syed Ahamed
Vision: To create an IT-enriched learning environment where students can acquire knowledge, values and skills for independent and lifelong learning.
  1. To integrate the use of IT in curriculum, instruction and assessment.
  2. To involve students in IT activities that promote higher-order thinking skills and collaboration.
  3. To build the staff's capacity in effective use of IT Tools to bring about engaged learning.
  4. To build a pervasive culture of IT collaboration and innovation

The following ICT tools / programmes are infused in the lessons .

  • Mobile Learning with iPADs

    iPADs are not just a cool toy but rather a powerful tool that is virtually changing the face of education. With more than 15 000 education apps available, teachers and students alike are having no trouble finding content and material for learning. In East Spring, our students will be involved in Learning Trails around the school compound. Outdoor learning is now made more fun and engaging for the students.

    17_ict_08.jpg 17_ict_09.jpg 17_ict_10.jpg

    Students taking part in a Science Trail Lesson

  • Classroom Performance System (CPS)

    CPS promotes greater student involvement, achievement and progress as it is able to capture real-time assessment data so that teachers could instantly identify their students’ individual learning needs and alter instructions as needed. Students become more engaged and willing to respond to teachers’ questions and participate in lessons more eagerly and enthusiastically.

    17_ict_03.jpg 17_ict_04.jpg

  • Digital Art & Digital Music

    Our students experienced music and art digitally. During Art and Music lessons, students make use of Garage Band as they create beautiful music pieces and work on the Wacom Bamboo tablets to create their Manga Art. There is no better way to draw, paint or just simply doodle with the tablets. 


    Students creating music using Garageband App

  • Code for Fun Enrichment Programme

    Students will be involved in the Code for Fun Enrichment Programme using mOway educational tool, a complete learning solution that allows students to discover what Programming is. Through this programme, students will learn to develop problem solving skills, creative thinking skills and team spirit among team mates. Students will also learn to celebrate the process of learning through interactive, meaningful experiences and promotes strategy building.

    17_ict_06.jpg 17_ict_07.jpg

  • Cyber Wellness @ ESPS

    Cyber Wellness refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of the dangers of harmful online behaviours, an awareness of how to protect yourself and other Internet users from such dangers. Cyber Wellness @ ESPS aims to look at the positive well-being and developing a healthy cyber culture amongst our pupils, aligned to MOE’s Cyber Wellness Framework.


    The Cyber Wellness Curriculum @ ESPS is as follows:









    Addiction to Games

    Dangers with Cyber Contact

    Cyber bullying

    Handling Inappropriate Content


    17_ict_12.jpg 17_ict_13.jpg

    Cyber Wellness skit during an Assembly Programme