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English Department

Head of Department: Mdm Jaisree d/o M.A.K. Appoo (Mrs Sajir)
English Level Head:Mdm Ong Jing  Yun (Mrs Jessica Lee)
English Coordinator:
Miss Nur Farhana Bte Abdul Kader
Vision: Affective Learners, Effective Communicators
Mission: To provide a condusive environment for the learning and use of the English Language
Tag Line: Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader

Department Programmes

  • Extensive Reading Programme
        “Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.”  
         Barack Obama

       With a strong belief that reading is the cornerstone to a child’s success as a student, the English Language Department has been organising the    Reading Marathon with a main objective of encouraging reading among all students. This year, the target was to hit a total of 18 000 books read by the end of July. Not only was the target reached, but it was also surpassed. A total of 20 786 books were read by all E’Lights!

We will continue to encourage and guide our students to read a variety of books so that they build their experiences through the reading. These experiences will serve them well in their ability to use language better.

Other programmes that encourage students to read include weekly visits to the school’s Media Resource Library where students can borrow books from a variety of genres available. Students are thus able to build on their schema which will then positively impact their work in the classrooms. To further engage students in the reading habit, the school partners the National Library Board (NLB) which makes its books available to our students for borrowing through termly Books2Go sessions.

  • English Learning Corner

    The Scrabble board at the EL Learning Corner in the school canteen allows the students to use the vocabulary they have acquired through their reading. Students are eagerly trying to challenge each other to form words using the scrabble chips.


  • Little Red Dot 
    The school adopts the use of The Straits Times’s Little Red Dot (LRD) in English Language lessons on a weekly basis for all Primary 5 and Primary 6 students. LRD is packed with various interesting articles, values-based stories and current affairs written in child-friendly language to encourage students to be avid readers and broaden their minds and become more aware of what is going on in the world around them. Teachers also engage students in lively exchanges and class discussions on their views and perspectives on issues that are highlighted in the papers.

  • POP (Pupils’ Oracy Programme)
    To enable students to become effective communicators which is part of the EL Department’s vision, students are given opportunities to speak in front of an audience. Some of these platforms include show and tell sessions in the lower primary classrooms and POP (Pupils’ Oracy Programme) where students are taught sentence frames through which their responses can be communicated. Another platform is the public speaking workshop organised yearly for Primary 3 students during the March school holidays. Through engaging games and activities, the students are introduced to the essentials of public speaking, such as body language, articulation techniques and the importance of speech preparation. 


    Upper Primary students give their responses to prompts posed by the teachers.

    Lower Primary students giving their responses to prompts using sentence frames provided


    P3 students performing in front of their peers as part of the Public Speaking Programme