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Aesthetics Department

Level Head (Internal):   Mdm Syaza Bte Sallehuddin
Art Coordinator: Mdm Sarina Bte Arsad
Vision: Creative and Artistic Individuals of Tomorrow
Mission: To develop a vibrant culture for the learning and appreciation of the arts in the school

Our Art and Music teachers continuously strive to develop a vibrant culture for the learning and appreciation of the arts in our school. E’Lights are constantly engaged and immersed in the art scenes in East Spring Primary School. Art and Music lessons are crafted to allow students to not only learn but enjoy themselves. Apart from the focus of the Arts Curriculum, assembly, external vendor programmes and recess fringes activities have been carefully selected to reach out to the masses on the different aspects of the Arts. Programmes were planned in hope to allow students to experience different artistic styles and musical genres. Through this programmes, students also learnt to build their confidence in showcasing both their artistic and musical talents.

Primary 5 students plucking away while singing to the tunes of pop songs

17_aes_02.jpg 17_aes_03.jpg
Blowing away on the recorders to an African tune.
17_aes_04.jpg 17_aes_05.jpg
Lower primary students immersing themselves in rhythm and melody with resonator bells Students learning about musical forms through hand-clapping activities
17_aes_06.jpg 17_aes_07.jpg
Primary 4 students writing art critiques to their peers about their artwork Students flaunting their creativity during Art Week
17_aes_08.jpg 17_aes_09.jpg
Students having a go at canting batik and ceramics molding