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Aesthetics Department

Vision: Creative and Artistic Individuals of Tomorrow
Mission: To develop a vibrant culture for the learning and appreciation of the arts in the school

Our Programmes

E’Lights are constantly engaged and immersed in the art scenes in East Spring Primary School as our Art and Music teachers continuously strive to develop a vibrant culture for the learning and appreciation of the arts in our school. Art and Music lessons are crafted to allow students to not only learn but enjoy the process of doing Art and Music. Apart from the focus of the Arts Education, assembly programmes, enrichment programmes and recess fringes activities have been carefully selected to expose the masses to the different aspects of the Arts. We have ‘ArtsXplosion’, ‘E’lights Shine!’ and ‘Art & Music Active Play’ are planned to allow students to experience different artistic styles and musical genres. Through this programmes, students also learn to build their confidence in showcasing both their artistic and musical talents. We introduced the Art&Music Card where students are given the opportunity to explore art and music content beyond their classrooms. Activities were crafted to not only expose E’Lights to more forms of art and music but also to create bonding time with their family. 2020 was especially unique with us facing the pandemic. A lot of our usual activities could not take place due to Safety Measure Management. Fortunately for technology, we were able to see through these events. 

Some of the artwork experimented by our E'Lights.

aes 1.jpg

aes 2.jpg
aes 3.jpg
 aes 4.jpg  aes 6.png

Family-bonding over musical performance

aes 6.png
aes 7.jpg
aes 8.jpg

For ArtsXplosion, students submitted their version of E'Light Boy & Girl and these were put together to symbolize unity. The art work was put up during recess.
aes 9.jpg

Primary 4 students writing art critiques to their peers about their artwork
aes 10.jpg

Having fun expressing themselves at the Doodle Wall during ActivePlay

aes 11.jpg

aes 12.jpg

aes 13.jpg

E'Lights showcasing their talents during E'Lights Shine! Submission performances was done virtually. We received an array of performances. It includes singing, dancing and playing of musical instrument. Such talented bunch!

aes 14.jpg

aes 15.jpg
aes 16.jpg

Having fun expressing themselves at the Doodle Wall during Active Play.

aes 17.jpg
aes 18.jpg