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Malay Dance

The Malay Dance club was set up since the founding of the school. The objective of the club is to provide an opportunity for pupils to develop their aesthetic skills. The club also aims to provide pupils with an avenue to learn more about the Malay culture through dance. Malay Dance also instills discipline and a sense of responsibility in the pupils. Members will also have the opportunity to compete at the Singapore Youth Festival.

Teacher-in-charge: Mdm Sheikha Fadzlon Shaik Yakob
Mdm Siti Nafisah Bte Mohd Daud
Mdm Rahmah Bte Rosdi
Training day/time: Wednesday, 2.15 p.m. - 4.15 p.m.
Venue: Indoor Sports Hall (Dance Studio)


  • Singapore Youth Festival 2018 — Distinction
  • Singapore Youth Festival 2016 — Distinction
  • Singapore Youth Festival 2014 — Distinction
  • Singapore Youth Festival 2012 — Silver