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IP Awards & Recognition


Event Achievement Awardees

Singapore & Asian Schools Mathematical
Olympiad 2019

Gold  2 students
Silver 13 students
 Bronze 23 students

National Chinese Language Text
Recitation Competition
  organized by Chinese Language Learning &
Promotion Committee (CLLPC) 

 Bronze  Hong Ying Xuan, Jiang Danning,
Tan Jing Jie Nicholas, Zhuang Haoyi 

National My Dream Shop Competition 
organized by New Town Primary School 
2nd Prize  Karunaharan Sanjay 

30th Painthamil Vizha
(Proverb Recitation Competition) 
organized by Indian Narpani Vilazha

Consolation Prize 
Nathan Pranav, Rithik Ananthan,  
Manikaviraj Selvamani, AnushkaAshwin Kumar, 
Divya Darshny, Kandalu Jeevan Amrithesh  

SYF Art Exhibition 2019

Certificate of Recognition 
Nikki Shannen Valmonte,
Nur Qusna Kaneez Binte Abdullah,
Pyrohova Anna, Khaliq Adam Bin Khairul Anuar,
Syam Nirajit, Jonas Chooi Jun Wei 

SONY Creative Toy Competition

 Whizkid Award Winners  Evan Ng, Ian Ng

G!nnovation Challenge 2019 by North East CDC

A team of Primary 4 Clean and Green Monitors participated in the G!nnovation Challenge 2019 organised by North East CDC. Using design thinking process, they made prototypes of cup sleeves using unwanted materials, such as old t-shirt and packaging waste such as bubble wrap and fruit  foam sleeves. Then, based on scientific inquiry investigation, they determined the materials to make the most effective upcycled cup sleeves for the drink in the cup to remain hot or cold for the longest period. Their project was selected for the Finals round, in which they presented to the public on 21 September 2019 at Syner-G!.

Nur huda 2.jpg

Nur huda.jpg