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ESPS 20th Anniversary

2019 marks the 20 th anniversary of East Spring Primary School.  Our celebration theme is “Together We Shine”, and we hope that our students will continue to shine despite challenges and adversities, and strike for excellence in whatever they do.  To commemorate the school’s 20 years of growth, there is a series of celebratory events and a special edition of the School Newsletter to document this milestone.   The events center on the non-academic aspects of the school curriculum to allow the students to be holistic and nurture their talents in the aesthetics and physical areas. 

We look forward to your continued support and participation in our 20 th  Anniversary Celebrations.  Thank you.  

The video showcases our heritage and how the school has evolved over the last 20 years. It also captures the celebratory events for ESPS's 20th Anniversary.

Highlights of Celebratory Events:

Sports Carnival
Featured games which revolve around the school’s heritage.
Paper quilling techniques to help students build and practise their fine motor skills, allowing them to exercise creativity.
Singapore Book of Records
Students, staff, stakeholders and partners come together to create the Largest Paper Quilling Artwork for a record in the Singapore Book of Records.
Class Decoration Competition
A birthday decoration competition between all classes. Students are involved in decorating their classroom to celebrate the school’s birthday.
20th Birthday Concert
Performances by our alumni and teachers to celebrate the school’s birthday.
Display @ Our Tampines Hub
As we show national pride and celebrate Singapore’s 54th birthday and East Spring Primary School’s 20th Anniversary...