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Total Defence Day 2019

The theme for Total Defence Day 2019 is “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”. Students were reminded of the war times and how Singapore remained safe and peaceful over the past 52 years because of the efforts of all Singaporeans.

Total Defence remains relevant because the threats faced today require all Singaporeans to step up and play their part. Our youth are encouraged to put Total Defence into action in their daily lives by reaching out to one another, forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones to keep Singapore strong and resilient.

During recesses, the school conducted food rationing exercise for all the students. This is to remind students of food shortage during the wartime and our nation’s limited resource. Students were given plain biscuits for their recesses, many of them like it!

The highlight of the TDD was the SGSecure booth and display of the Singapore Police Force car! The students were excited as they got a chance to sit inside the police car. The police officers shared about the importance of SGSecure and what to do in an event of an attack.

TDD reminds us that Singapore is a very small nation and every one of us has a part to play to protect her. We will stand united together for our little red dot.

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