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News & Announcements

  • Sports Carnival 2018
    The Annual Sports Carnival was conducted on Friday, 9th March 2018, in the school ground. The games allowed the students to enjoy a variety of sporting activities and test their skills in the different areas of Physical Education. The event provided a platform for students to demonstrate SPRING values, teamwork, leadership skills and most importantly, encourages active and healthy living.
    2018 Sports Carnival - 1.jpg

    2018 Sports Carnival - 2.jpg

    2018 Sports Carnival - 3.jpg

    2018 Sports Carnival - 4.jpg

    2018 Sports Carnival - 5.jpg

  • 2018 East Zone Volleyball Competition Achievement
    Congratulations to our Junior and Senior Volleyball Boys’ and Girls' Team for their achievements in the recent 2018 East Zone Volleyball Competition.
    The Junior and Senior Volleyball Boys’ Teams clinched the title of Championship and 2nd runners up respectively while both the Junior and Senior Volleyball Girls' Teams secured Fourth position.
    Well done, Elights ! We are proud of your effort and achievements. We want to wish you the best for the upcoming National Volleyball Competition.
    We would like to thank the coaches, teachers-in-charge and parents for their guidance and unwavering support.

    Chinese New Year Celebration 2018
    East Spring Primary School celebrated Chinese New Year, ushering in the Year of the Dog. Students were engaged in an hour of classroom activities, learning about Chinese New Year’s traditional beliefs and culture. 
    We also enjoyed an exciting concert performance by the WuShu CCA students, teachers performing the AGoGo dance and the Parent Support Group (PSG) performing the Dragon Dance. The concert ended with a blast by a Lion Dance performance and sing-a-long session with the God of Fortune! 
    East Spring Primary School wishes everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year!
    2018 ESPS CNY  - 1.jpg

    2018 ESPS CNY  - 5.jpg

    2018 ESPS CNY  - 4.jpg

    2018 ESPS CNY  - 6.jpg

    Total Defence Day 2018
    On 12 February 2018, our school commemorated Total Defence Day. We started the day with a skit on Total Defence that was put up by the teachers. The students were also briefed on the significance of the event. During recess, students experienced a food rationing exercise and consumed some Marie biscuits in the canteen. They also had the opportunity to view some uniforms and equipment that were on display from the different uniformed groups that are responsible for the safety and security of the nation.
    2018 ESPS TDD  - 2.jpg

    2018 ESPS TDD  - 5.jpg

    2018 ESPS TDD  - 6.jpg

    Termly Staff Award 2017 (Term 3 & 4)
  • Congratulations to Mdm Rao Tunyun and Miss Sheramin Phua Su Hui for being awarded the Termly Staff Award 2017 
    (Term 3 & Term 4 respectively) for role-modelling school values.
  • termly-staff-award-17-02.jpg

  • termly-staff-award-17-01.jpg

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