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Mathematics Department

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Our Programmes

  • Mathematics Recess Activity

Working in partnership with our committed parents from the Parent Support Group, our department carried out fun and engaging maths activities for our students during their recess time.

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  • Mathematics Amazing Week

Get ready for the Mathematics Amazing Week!! The Mathematics teachers are working together to organise a host of maths activities outside the classroom that promises to be fun and exciting.

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  • Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring Program offers to enhance students’ level of readiness for Upper Primary Mathematics syllabus. The program which is in its second year of running, was mooted as a platform for the Primary 5 and 6 students to give back and paying it forward, which in turn will benefit their peers. In each of the 12 sessions, one senior student (the tutor) helps another juniors (the tutees) to master topic that they have not yet mastered.

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“This is a new experience for me. Usually, I am the one being tutored. Now I am the tutor. By helping my juniors, I am also revising what I have learnt,” said one of the Primary 6 tutor.

“I am grateful that I have my seniors to help me in my Math. It also benefits me as I learn something new each session,” one of the tutee commented.

The programme will interlude from Week 5 of Term 2 and resume in Term 4, to allow the Primary 6 tutors to focus on their preparation for PSLE.

  • External Competitions

As part of our school’s goal to develop our students to their full potential, selected E’Lights will be given an opportunity to gain a measure of their own achievements through taking part in the Singapore and ASEAN Schools Maths Olympiad (SASMO) competition.

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