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Brownie is one of the two uniform groups in the school. Every Brownie in the world makes a promise to lend a hand and to do her best. When a girl is enrolled as a Brownie, she is groomed to have beautiful character and to be a happy achiever. She also learns many useful skills such as learning simple first aid and loving nature by occasionally going for outdoor activities. One of Brownie’s annual activities is to celebrate World Thinking Day. In 2012, the East Spring Primary School Brownies were fortunate to attend the Celebration for Singapore Guides & Brownies which was held with much fanfare at SCAPE Park with the President’s wife, Mrs Mary Tan, as the guest of honor. The most important aspect of such a gathering was the sense of camaraderie especially when all guides & brownies stood together to renew their pledge to help others and serve their country with their good deeds. This was definitely an unforgettable experience for ESPS brownies to celebrate World Thinking Day with Guides and Brownies all over Singapore.

Teacher-in-charge: Miss Nur Farhana Bte Abdul Kader
Mdm Nurarfah Bte Sudirman
Miss Pauline Leong
Training day/time: Wednesday, 3.45 - 5.45 p.m.
Venue: Indoor Sports Hall


  • Puan Noor Aishah 2015 — Bronze