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Vision, Mission, Philosophy, Motto, and Values


Gracious School, Life-long Learners


Nurturing Caring Citizens and Independent Learners


We believe that every child is unique. With passion and dedication we can develop their potential and inspire them to realize their dreams.


Excellence for Success


  • Self-Control

    E'Lights set their own limits and do not act impulsively.

  • Perseverance

    E'Lights work hard to achieve their goals regardless of the challenges.

  • Responsibility

    E'Lights know and do what is expected of them.

  • Integrity

    E'Lights uphold what is right and true.

  • National Pride

    E'Lights are proud to be Singaporean and stand up for the nation.

  • Gratefulness

    E'Lights use words and actions to express their appreciation to others.