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Key Personnel

Principal Mr Wong Kin Mun
Vice-Principal Mrs Lee Shi Lin
Mrs Maria Lee-Goh
Vice-Principal (Admin) Ms Jasmine Ng
Head of Department - Mathematics
Mr Chow Poh Boon
Head of Department - Science
Miss Lee Sook San
Head of Department - Mother Tongue
Miss Teo Sok San Susan
School Staff Developer
Mdm Chan Pui Ping
Head of Department - CCE
Mdm Junaida Bte Ahmat
Head of Department - ICT
Miss Lee Yen Lin Jenny
Head of Department - PE & CCA
Mr Bryan Chao Wei Nien
Head of Department - Student Management
Mr Lukman Hakim
Year Head (Lower Primary)
Mdm Marhamah Binte Yusof
Year Head (Middle Primary)
Mr Loo Leong Tuan
Year Head (Upper Primary)
Mdm Norizan Bte Syed Ahamed
Assistant Year Head
Mdm Tok Shi Shi (Mrs Choo)
Level Head - English Language
Mdm Ong Jing Yun (Mrs Jessica Lee)
Level Head - Mathematics
Mdm Najibah Bte Sidik
Level Head - Science
Mdm Seah Wei Shan
Level Head - Chinese Language
Mdm Linda Tay Mei Hong (Mrs Goh)
Level Head - PE & CCA
Mr Choo Yew Teck
Level Head - Aesthetics
Mdm Syaza Bte Mohd Sallehuddin
Subject Head - Malay Language
Mdm Lyana Sarie Dewi Binte Mohamed
Senior Teacher - Mathematics
Miss Ng Hui Peng
Senior Teacher - Malay Language
Mdm Azah Bte Abdul Aziz
Senior Teacher - Art
Mr Tock Swee Guan William
Administration ManagerMdm Fazidah Hani Binte Abdul Hadi 
Operations Manager
Mr Quek Swee Heng